St. Andrews Bridge Club


Sunday Swiss on the 11th – sign up.
STaC games February/March, June, August and December – Silver Points.
  • STaC Unit 128 Nov. 26–Dec. 2, 2018
  • STaC Unit 128 Feb. 11–17, 2019
  • STaC Unit 128 Jun. 17–23, 2019
  • STaC District 9 Aug. 5–11, 2019
  • Afternoon partnerships — Linda Tafet.
    Evening partnerships — Phyllis Jaffee.
    Evening partnerships in Summer Season — Bonnie J. Rosen.
    Off–Season card room policy begins May 1st.
    Season card room policy begins November 1st.
    Find copies of the policies in the Ladies Card Room.


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