St. Andrews Bridge Club

Introducing Silver Linings Week: Behind Every Board are Silver Points Tripled! From May 25-31 (Monday-Sunday), members will be able to earn Silver triple points in our Virtual Club afternoon and evening games.

Small extra ACBL sanction fee.

Upcoming Special Events

  • Upcoming Silver Point Games Monday June 15 through Sunday June 21
  • July 13th Monday Afternoon ACBL Instant Matchpoint Tournament
  • Upcoming Silver Point Games Monday August 17 through Sunday August 23
  • August 24th Monday Afternoon ACBL Junior Fund Game

Evening Time Change — Game times 4 PM.

BBO changed the user interface.
  • Two choices at the home screen either "Competitive" or "Virtual Clubs".
  • Pick "ACBL Virtual Clubs" or "ACBL - North America" at the second screen.
  • Find our tournament on the third screen by typing st or 240341 in the search box.
BBO home screen
BBO competitive screen
BBO home screen
other BBO virtual clubs screen
BBO third screen

Finally! Online Bridge for St. Andrews at BBO

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

7 days a week in the National Emergency

Avoid the surcharge. Get BB$ at BBO.
BBO dollars
BBO popup
BBO credit
Update your ACBL number at BBO.
ACBL number
ACBL number
ACBL number

Afternoon games online

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • 1 PM start – BBO Login page
  • 6 rounds, 3 boards/round, 7 minutes/board, relaxed pace

  • Evening games online

  • Tuesday, Thursday
  • 4 PM start – BBO Login page
  • 7 rounds, 2 boards/round, 7 minutes/board, leisurely pace

  • Announcements!

    Bonnie J. Rosen
    Bridge Director,
    Certified ACBL Instructor and
    Audrey Grant Instructor
    cell: 561-212-2576
    email: bjrboca @aol.com
    Call me any time regarding problems or partnerships.

    Bonnie J. Rosen
    Upcoming Silver Point Games
  • STaC Unit 128 Jun. 15–21, 2020
  • STaC District 9 Aug. 24–30, 2020
  • STaC U128 (D9) Dec. 7–13, 2020
  • Linda Tafet
    Partnerships Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Afternoons
    cell: 561-558-4223
    Day Games Partnerships

    Linda Tafet

    Phyllis Jaffee
    Partnerships Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
    cell: 847-687-2973
    Evening Partnerships In Season

    Phyllis Jaffee

    Bonnie J. Rosen
    Evening partnerships in Summer Season

    Off–Season card room policy begins May 1st.
    Season card room policy begins November 1st.
    Find copies of the policies in the Ladies Card Room.


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